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This is a page made to give you
an idea of the stuff I can do, and also a look at
the stuff I've done. I hope you enjoy what you can see here!

I consider myself at least alright at sprite art, and it's also the thing
I do most, I believe. Here's an example of some stuff that I've sprited:

(For the opening cutscene of a work-in-progress game.)

(Dialog portraits for aforementioned work-in-progress game.)

(The main characters and main assets, again, from that same game.)

(A mockup of said game's title screen. Last thing about it here probably.)

(Bunch of little Petscop related cursors I made, never finished Stanley though. You can download
the ones I have finished
here though!)

Moving on, I'm also pretty okay with 2D art, though
most of my stuff is made in Paint, or Aseprite, on occasion. Here's what I've
got to show for that.


(This guy again. Why does he get so many appearances?)


(No comment.)

(Pickle Chin and Song. Was trying out Krita here.)

(Bagboy, or Bagdude. I still can't make up my mind on his name. Also made in Krita.)

I suppose that's really all I have to show here for now, so,
I hope you liked what you saw!

Updated 10/27/22